4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

There are over 3 billion people using the internet. 2 trillion Google searches are made everyday and local queries constitute a large number of online searches. If you own a small business, having a website offers tremendous benefits.

1. Increases profits

A well coded website can sell merchandise, event tickets, reservations, and more. It can even deposit money from your online sales into your bank account without you lifting a finger. A website keeps making money for your business even after it’s closed for the day.

2. Expands visibility

Customers often perform research before contacting businesses or buying products. More than half of all small businesses do not have a website, and that means there is a huge opportunity for your business to attract more customers than over 50% of the competition.  Without a website, they may never find you, and competitors will have the advantage of drawing new business from customers who might have preferred your products and services had you publicized them better.

3. Boosts credibility

Google a search phrase, such as, “best bar in *area*”. Based on the websites you find, which business would you be most likely to patronize?

Hint: It’s probably the one with a fully functioning and easy to use website.

4. Saves time

Do you regularly get phone calls about your hours? What bands are performing tonight? Or what’s on your drink and food menu? A website can offer your customers useful information and tips 24 hours a day, any day of the week, saving you time. What is time? Time is money!

Pre-launch of HYPEMGMT!

We are excited to announce the pre-launch of our new digital agency HYPEMGMT. We develop products that help event based businesses grow, manage, and monetize their audiences online. During our pre-launch period, we are inviting event organizers to try our products and provide feedback along the way. If you would like to receive a beta invite, add your company info to our list.

We wanted to start off by answering some of the major questions we are bound to be asked over the next few months while we continue building our products.

1. What is HYPEMGMT?

HYPEMGMT is a team of software engineers, graphic artists, and event planners seeking to bridge the gap between event organizers and technology, while simultaneously driving customer engagement, acquisition, and sales.

In today’s competitive marketplace, a company’s web presence is one of the most critical components to its success. Our team works with our clients to tell their story by integrating their branding, collateral, and social marketing programs into a stunning and powerful website.

We handle all of the online stuff such as, design, development, web hosting, security, software updates, backups, maintenance, and more so our clients can focus on running their business and doing what they do best… planning events.

2. Who do we work with?

HYPEMGMT is great for bars, lounges, nightclubs, event spaces, social clubs, community orgs, individual promoters, and anybody who needs to manage events and sell tickets.

3. Why should your business work with us?

We specialize in building complete websites specifically for event based businesses with the tools to easily manage events, sell tickets, track sales performance, integrate with social accounts, collect customer data, manage guestlists, edit site content, get key analytics about your business, and more in an all in one place. Our tools are constantly improving because we regularly incorporate the feedback of our clients.

No need to worry about frustrating do-it-yourself page builders, learning code, or configuring plugins and etc. HYPEMGMT works behind the scenes as your dedicated team of expert developers so you can focus on your business.

4. How do I stay updated for your upcoming launch?

Sign up for our mailing list, continue visiting, like us on facebook, or follow us on twitter for information about our official launch and product updates. We are looking to build relationships with a few select businesses over the next few months to test out what we’ve got and try new features, so send us an email or signup for early access.